Recruitment purpose
Our business started in 2019, a spinoff company with high-level technical experts from Adglobe inc. We have engaged in gaming mainly from Adglobe Inc. We mainly focus on game projects and are now expanding to system development and digital infrastructure. we are looking for people to join us on this new adventure!
We will arrange project that match your skills.

[At least 60% involvement into direct / primary contract projects]
■Experienced in long-term projects
■Skillful in Agile development
■Web3, Blockchain, XR/MR, Metaverse, etc.
Opportunity to be involved in R&D projects!

◆Opportunity to be successful as PL
You will work under the supervision of the president until you are fully autonomous. Both expert and non-expert are welcome.

◆Opportunity to participate in projects for your personal growth
12 to 13 projects are in progress per month: Small-scale development / renovation projects, infrastructure operation projects, etc.
Possibility to work in project that match your wishes and skills.
◆Academic background not required
◆Person who have been involved in system development
◆Experience of basic / detailed construction design.
Opportunity to challenge requirement definition.

◎Person eager to gain experience in member management such as junior education
◎Person eager to manage the entire project
◎Experience in customer negotiations
◎Experience in developing game servers
◎Experience and knowledge of PHP, GO language, Vue.js, Node.js, etc.
Contract type
Full-time employee
Monthly salary starting from ¥360,000 + Bonus: Twice a year (Basic 2 months / 3 to 4 months worth of achievements are also available)

*Consideration will be given according to your experience and skills
*Fixed overtime compensation (30 hours per month starting from ¥56,250) included
*The amount exceeding fixed overtime will be paid separately
*Trial period: 2 months (No difference in salary and treatment)

Example of past salaries
Annual income : ¥5,000,000 (Chief)
Annual income : ¥6,000,000 (PL)
Working Hours
Working hours: 8 hours / 10:00 to 19:00 excluding 1 hour lunchbreak
★Fully remote work
≪Holidays in the year: 133 days≫
◆Five-day workweek (holidays on Saturday and Sunday)
◆National holiday
◆Year-end and New Year holidays
◆Summer vacation
◆Paid holiday
◆Maternity leave
◆Childcare leave
◆Pay raise: 2 times per year (October / April)
◆Bonus: Once a year in December
◆Social security benefit
◆Transportation allowance up to ¥30,000 per month
◆Housing allowance
◆Executive allowance
◆Fitness allowance
◆Performance-based allowance
◆Overtime allowance
◆Travel allowance
◆Retirement compensation
◆Company pension
◆Medical insurance plan
◆Job related books purchase assistance
◆Qualification reward assistance
◆Fee assistance for seminar and workshop participation
◆Dress code: casual
◆Smoking not allowed inside the premises only in designated area on B2